Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does NightShift serve?

The NightShift administration offices, outreach training and warehouse facilities are located at 10635 King George Boulevard in Surrey, British Columbia. Our mobile kitchen and clothing vans serve nightly (7-8:30 pm) from the car park between MCC and the building we share with our counselling offices at The Care Centre. On Tuesday and Friday nights our Care Bus is available to bring street level nursing, counselling, library services and more to those in need.

2. How did NightShift get started?

During a snowstorm in early 2004, MaryAnne Connor first opened the doors to bring into the warmth people in need, those suffering from neglect and hardship on the streets of Surrey. Ever since that first wintry night, when Mac and her friends served their first PBJ sandwiches and hot coffee, teams of NightShifters have been coming out on a nightly basis to continue to provide basic needs and offers of companionship. What began as an emergency shelter in the early days has grown into a Christian, multi-denominational street ministry that provides a place for individuals, churches, businesses and organizations to serve together and make connections. Together we provide outreach, care and recovery programs for people struggling with poverty, addictions, mental illness and even homelessness. Meals are prepared by local churches, outreach teams or donated through corporate sponsors and served by volunteers. Our street outreach teams offer friendship, prayer and hope as they hand out a change of clothes, blankets and personal care kits on any given night to people in need.

3. What are the values, mission and vision of NightShift?

At NightShift it is our utmost goal to treat street friends with respect and dignity, regardless of individual circumstances. Our mission is to love unconditionally and help each other find hope and purpose. We exist to care for the holistic needs of others, 365 days a year, by building relationships and restoring lives through our vision of outreach, counselling, education and transitional housing. We endeavour to reflect and demonstrate the Christian values and principles of integrity, humility, perseverance and unity.

4. How does NightShift fund its operations?

NightShift Street Ministries is a registered, not-for-profit society (#85203 8942 RR0001) that has been serving people in Surrey, BC, Canada, since January 2004. Operating entirely without government subsidies, NightShift relies on the commitment of individuals, churches and other groups and businesses who give freely of their time, expertise and finances – because they choose to, not because they have to. We deeply appreciate all support and provide income tax receipts for eligible donations after the end of the fiscal year (Dec 31) in which the donation was received. Online donations can be made via PayPal:

We have also developed social enterprises to support people in the community while supporting the ministry.

5. What are the NightShift social enterprises?

RagTime clothing bin at NightShiftRight from the start, providing a meal often went along with handing out a pair of dry shoes or a change of jeans or a warm blanket for the night. NightShift was soon inundated with generous donations of clothing from people in the community to help in any way. We found a space to store and process the donations, and additionally created a way to help people help themselves with on-the-job training and finding a purpose in giving back.

-> NightShift ‘RagTime’ clothing bins

Now our clothing ministry accepts and coordinates these donations  through our  RagTime collection points and manages the distribution, with the primary focus for people living in poverty or on the streets in our community or further afield.

Sisters Thrift Boutique now on 104 Avenue-> NightShift’s thrift store on 104: Sisters Thrift Boutique

Clothes suitable for resale are available from our thrift store which relocated to 14888 104 Avenue in the summer of 2015, and online at Sisters Thrift Boutique. Net proceeds go to NightShift, in particular to support women’s initiatives through the ministry. At Sisters we also provide work experience for job hunters interested in trying their hands at retail.

6. How can I get involved with NightShift?

There are many ways for you to support the ministry, including volunteering. Here are some ideas. Or visit our Supporters page to see what other people in the community are doing. If you’d like to find out if NightShift could be a match for you, come along to an Information Night!

TheCareCentre logo

7. What is The Care Centre?

This is the name of our counselling centre, where our licensed professional counsellors offer support on a sliding-fee scale. The Care Centre provides confidential and affordable access to tools, resources and inspiration for one-on-one, couple or group counselling of all ages, regardless of background, financial status or spiritual belief. Counselling is the backbone of our Continuum of Care vision of which the Care Bus is an example of bringing healing to those caught in the cycle of poverty and addictions, and support to those seeking a way to exit the streets. NightShift cap and t-shirt

8. Are those NightShift t-shirts and caps for sale?

Yes, as long as stock lasts! Contact the office to see if you’re in luck.

9. Photographs

The images on this website have been taken by professional photographers such as Klint Burton, Brian Hawkes, Chris Loh and Tony Mitchell, and by the LeaderBoard team under the direction of Derek Knox, and by volunteers such as Ingrid Roeske Good, Carmen DeNora and Sandy Phillips and many others who have helped us share the stories of NightShift over the years.

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