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An unforgettable summer experience!

by NightShift

Be part of that experience - apply to NightShift's Summer Internship Program! The last nine weeks have been unforgettable for Kayla MacGillivray. The 22-year-old psychology student says her time as an intern at NightShift Street Ministries has opened her eyes and showed her heart things she couldn’t learn from a textbook. Kayla’s life-changing few months’…

Bringing Christmas to the streets

by adminis

As many of you already know, our mobile care program serves in the heart of Whalley in the form of the Care Bus. Every week we offer nursing and counselling services to street friends at no charge, and we are always looking for new ways to engage with people in need. That’s why we were…

Walk the Walk: with your hands and feet

by adminis

Many hands make light work. John Heywood, English playwright and poet, 1497-1580 You may have heard me quote this in the past in describing the positive outcome that team work produces in the ministry and how we couldn’t do all that we do without your ‘hands and feet’, prayers and support. Here’s another interpretation of…

Thank you for treating me as though I am somebody

by adminis

By Leah Baugh Today I had the privilege to listen to Jonathan’s* story. Jonathan had been in recovery for eight days. Eight days without heroin, but kicked out of a recovery house for smoking a cigarette. He came into the NightShift office a couple of hours later full of fear. He was fearful of being…

A Ministry of Persons, Not “Results”

by adminis

“I tried to imagine what it’s like in his shoes.” By Sandy Phillipps People sometimes ask me what results we are seeing on the streets. As if we would give up and move on if we see no change in a person growing stronger in taking responsibility for themselves. The longer I am around, the…

ALPHA for our Street Friends

by adminis

Starting Sunday, Feb. 17, we will be hosting a 10-week Alpha session for our street friends in Surrey, led by Del and Lynda Thiessen. This is a great opportunity to volunteer or pray for this very special journey. Schedule of Talks (Please pray along):  – Feb 17: Launch party: Is This It? – Feb. 24:…

Five Items We Need Right Now

by adminis

We could really use donations of the following food items: Thank you so much for dropping these items off at our office! We are located at 10635 King George Boulevard in Surrey. We really appreciate all your love and support.