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We need you!

by NightShift

The buzz is spreading quickly about NightShift's latest social enterprise, the Taste of Heaven food truck. The menu - mouth-wateringly delicious gourmet sausages in a bun - is already garnering rave reviews. With summer upon us, and festival season in full swing in the Lower Mainland, the popularity of Taste of Heaven has accelerated to…

Local Starbucks stores reach out in partnership

by NightShift

It’s amazing what wonderful things can come from our regular, everyday lives, when we just take the time to look outside of our own routines and pay attention to our community. Starbucks store Manager, Marianne Abaya, does more than just show up for work every day and serve delicious coffee at her location in Whalley.…

Without wheels into the New Year

by NightShift

We don’t own a large fleet of vehicles to serve the thousands of people who turn to NightShift for help or to get involved. There’s our aging clothing truck and converted mobile kitchen trailer which are in heavy use 365 days/year. Then there’s our mobile counselling/medical Care Bus which we gingerly bring to the streets…

Walk the Walk: with your hands and feet

by NightShift

Many hands make light work. John Heywood, English playwright and poet, 1497-1580 You may have heard me quote this in the past in describing the positive outcome that team work produces in the ministry and how we couldn’t do all that we do without your ‘hands and feet’, prayers and support. Here’s another interpretation of…

Walk the Walk: in the face of adversity

by NightShift

I find it amazing how many parallels there are between my Walk the Walk training and the challenges we face at NightShift – life in general. Every time I lace up either at the track or at the gym, I am reminded how difficult it is to stay faithful to my commitment – at the…

Walk the Walk: 7 Weeks, 7 Steps

by NightShift

Dedication, Effort and Determination In my recent book, I talk about 7 Steps we can take to create a ‘shift’ in in our lives and in support of NightShift: promote the book, donate clothing, support Sisters Thrift Boutique, volunteer, contribute financially, pray and smile. The number 7 is back as we find ourselves in the…