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An unforgettable summer experience!

by NightShift

Be part of that experience - apply to NightShift's Summer Internship Program! The last nine weeks have been unforgettable for Kayla MacGillivray. The 22-year-old psychology student says her time as an intern at NightShift Street Ministries has opened her eyes and showed her heart things she couldn’t learn from a textbook. Kayla’s life-changing few months’…

Changes: a time of transition

by NightShift

This summer has seen a lot of changes at 10635 King George Boulevard. From preparations for the move of Sisters Thrift Boutique and subsequent MINGA remodelling of our facilities to support additional programs, to a handing over of the baton at The Care Centre. The following post, written by outgoing Care Bus and The Care…

A story of the Care Bus

by NightShift

When you are struggling to survive a night on the streets or dealing with health or addiction problems and wondering where the next meal will come from, there’s typically little energy left to access services to take a bigger step towards recovery. We decided to bring some of those services to the streets. Literally and…

Bringing Christmas to the streets

by NightShift

As many of you already know, our mobile care program serves in the heart of Whalley in the form of the Care Bus. Every week we offer nursing and counselling services to street friends at no charge, and we are always looking for new ways to engage with people in need. That’s why we were…

A place for all people, a village of care

by NightShift

Monday 3rd October marks the first day of voting for this truly visionary project. NightShift is planing to build ‘a village of retreat, recovery and reintegration’. The Care Village is a safe haven for people seeking restoration. By enabling individuals to rediscover purpose and unconditional love – by supporting them with counselling, life/work skills education and all-round care – the village of care will foster…